About Atlas Seals – Three Generations in the Seals Business

How Atlas Seals Began

Atlas Seals, now the pinnacle of sealing performance, once came from humble beginnings. Originating as a homegrown venture, the brainchild of Tommy Zitting, Atlas Seals emerged as a machining job shop within a small backyard garage in the heart of Salt Lake City, UT. Tommy initiated this endeavor to supplement his earnings while dedicating his days to his father’s seal manufacturing enterprise, Macrotech Polyseal.

Atlas Seals began to take shape in 2006 when Gordon Zitting, Tommy’s father, divested his business. Tommy decided to pave his own path and establish an enterprise of his own along with his nephew, Skyler Zitting- thus birthing Atlas Seals.

Presently, Atlas Seals has burgeoned into a 12,000 square feet powerhouse, boasting a lineup of 12 cutting-edge CNC machines and an in-house PTFE billet molding capability. Nestled in Salt Lake City, the company has evolved significantly, fostering a team of proficient and seasoned seal engineering professionals. As a result, Atlas Seals stands tall as the fastest-growing American manufacturer within the engineering seals industry. Still true to its roots, Skyler Zitting now serves as the Vice President of Atlas Seals, representing the third generation.

Unwavering commitment to excellence and tireless dedication to quality have propelled Atlas Seals into the forefront of American engineering seal manufacturers, reflecting the vision and passion of its founders, Tommy and Skyler Zitting.

Unveiling Our Approach to Engineering Seals

Right from the get-go, Atlas Seals has embraced a straightforward philosophy: “Unleashing Performance through Simplicity.” We’ve mastered the art of sealing dynamics, ensuring that our customers not only succeed but thrive by understanding the intricacies of their distinct sealing applications and requirements.

At Atlas Seals, we’re not just about sealing; we’re about ensuring your products stand out and perform outstandingly throughout their intended service life. Picture this: absolute peace of mind and unshakeable confidence in the exceptional performance of your creations. When it comes to developing the products you’re truly passionate about, Atlas Seals stands tall as your go-to partner.

Get ready to elevate your products to a whole new level of excellence with Atlas Seals, where simplicity meets unparalleled performance.

The Atlas Seals Difference

Ever encountered a sealing challenge that seemed insurmountable? That’s where Atlas Seals comes in –we thrive on discovering solutions even when none appear to exist. The heart of the Atlas Seals difference is our unique intuition. With a collective experience of over 100 years in the art of sealing solutions, that intuition is our superpower.

From day one, focus has been a cornerstone of Atlas Seals. We carved our path by specializing solely in engineering plastics seals for the most demanding applications. But here’s what truly makes Atlas Seals different – we conduct business in a personalized manner, fostering enduring connections and tailoring each sealing solution to fit the exact needs of our customers’ applications.

At Atlas Seals, it’s not just about seals; it’s about forging a bond and delivering solutions that transcend what was though t to be possible. Atlas Seals brings intuition, expertise, and personalized service together to craft the perfect sealing solutions for you.

Atlas Seals Today

Fast forward to today: Atlas Seals is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing custom engineering seals for an extensive array of applications across a diverse range of industries. Atlas Seals specializes in providing unique, tailored solutions for customers’ biggest head-scratchers that leverage 25 years of experience in the industrial seals industry. With a wide range of performance seal features to choose from, Atlas Seals is today’s go-to engineering seal specialist.

Spring Energized Seals

Spring energized PTFE seals are awesome problem solvers, and they are fun to design for any application. By combining the hardness of the outer plastic with the resilience of the inner spring, a spring energized seal provides more consistent sealing force over a longer period of time. At Atlas Seals we offer 4 different types of spring energized seals, each suited for different environments and applications.

PTFE Rotary Seals

Rotary Seals are needed when tough application conditions exceed the capabilities of elastomeric (rubber or polyurethane) seals. Atlas Seals offers tons of different PTFE and high-performance plastics for the outer portion of seals as well as different types of springs, which we match up with each individual order based on your specific application. Each rotary seal created by Atlas Seals is engineered to avoid common counter rotation failures, which you can read more about on our rotary seals page.


At Atlas Seals we consider ourselves to be not a jack of all trades, but a master of one. The Lockstep™ Rotary Seal is one of our key products. Lockstep™ is a robust retention system for seals that is effective, economical, and easy to install- available only at Atlas Seals. Learn more about this easy-to-install engineering seal on its dedicated product page.

Valve Polymer Parts

Valve polymer parts, also known as non-metallic components or seals in the context of engineering, are essential elements in various valve systems. Understanding the design of advanced valve seals and challenging applications enables Atlas Seals to solve complex industrial sealing issues where others have failed. Valve polymer parts by Atlas Seals can be engineered to pass performance tests API 6A PR2 and Annex F.

Materials & Custom designs

Atlas Seals is your go-to engineering firm for any custom-machined engineering plastics. Whether we are machining from your print, duplicating a sample you provide, or designing a component for your application, Atlas Seals has the materials, knowledge and machining capabilities to craft effective sealing solutions for your toughest applications. Visit our materials and custom designs page to learn more about the unique engineering plastics other and high quality seals components used at Atlas Seals.

Atlas Seals is armed with the expertise and capability to craft custom sealing solutions for your most intricate applications. With a wide library of engineering plastics to choose from and decades of hands-on experience, there’s not a sealing problem that Atlas Seals can’t solve. Whether it’s a head-scratcher or a seemingly unsolvable challenge, Atlas Seals stands ready to face any sealing issue head-on. Your sealing problems are puzzles we love to solve, making Atlas Seals your ultimate destination for custom-designed sealing solutions.